Direktor Dr. Galbadrakh Enkhbat (Cultural Heritage Centre, Ulan Baator, Mongolia) besucht Wien

09. November 2017

Institut für Konservierung und Restaurierung
On invitation of the Institute of Conservation, University of Applied Arts Vienna, Director Dr Galbadrakh Enkhbat of the Cultural Heritage Centre, Ulan Baator, Mongolia will visit Vienna from 27.11. until 1.12.2017.
Between the Centre and the Institute of Conservation a MoU has been signed and on this basis several joint conservation and research projects have already been carried out in Ulan Baator, including training activities. To strengthen the cooperation between the institutions, a visit to Vienna has been arranged.
Group picture. Workshop, held by the Institute of Conservation in the Bogd KHaan Palace Museum in Mongolia, in August 2017.