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EDI in Internationalisation

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International engagement is becoming more integrated into institutions’ strategies and in the core aspects of higher education. The debate is focusing increasingly on the ethical responsibilities that universities and academies need to take on, when developing their policies and practices. During the last Virtual PIE event in April 2021, the PIE community explored some of the aspects around values and ethics in international partnerships. For this next event, the ELIA Platform for Internationalisation takes the discourse deeper in relation EDI – Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity and what it means for higher arts education institutions.

Promoting and protecting equal rights and equity of access should be safeguarded in international education and internationalisation policies and practices. Nevertheless, many groups remain underrepresented in higher arts education. What can we do to raise awareness? How can we support a transition process that open doors and enables greater inclusivity?

International colleagues bring their experiences to the conversation, talking about how to involve students’ voices, implement methods and strategies and showcase artistic practices to stimulate the debate around the topic.

Contributors & case studies include:

Jheni Arboine, Educational Developer : Academic Enhancement, University of the Arts, London (UAL)
Jheni guides participants through some of the tools used to decode the meaning and understanding of EDI

Layton Reid, The London School of Film Media and Design, University of West London (UWL).
The UWL process of supporting diversity and inclusivity has a number of stands: from monitoring exit progressions of students to an internal programme of decolonising the curriculum.

Aissa Deebi and Rola Khayyat, VCU Qatar, Painting and Printmaking Department
The Painting and Printmaking Department of the Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts in Qatar organize a lecture series developed titled: Decolonizing Art Narratives: Arab Women Artists Today.

Siela Ardjosemito-Jethoe & students, University of the ArtsThe Hague
Students from the Diversity working group accompanied by the Diversity and Inclusion Officer present their perspective.

This event wants to be a starting point for the ELIA community to engage in conversation around the topic of EDI; it does not aim to be covering all the very many aspects of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity.

Join the ELIA Platform for Internationalisation – PIE online on Thursday 30 September 2021 at 14:00 CEST.

The interactive Virtual PIE will allow participants to reflect on their own perspective and context.

Virtual PIE EDI in Internationalisation
Virtual PIE, EDI in Internationalisation