PIXELvienna 13

Computer Graphics, Animation, and Games Conference

Organized by the PIXELvienna team to foster networking in computer graphics, animation, games, film and digital arts in collaboration with the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Online and free – More information and streaming link: www.pixelvienna.com
The thirteenth edition of the PIXELvienna will take place November 20-22, 2020. PIXELvienna 13 has the motto “Coming of age (in difficult times)”. On Friday, we are looking forward to meeting the founders of the Cabeza Patata Character Design Studio, creative visionary VFX designer Erin Sarofsky from Chicago, local motion designers and illustrators Maria Kontradieva & Barbara Mitterer, and Matt Ward. Furthermore, there will be the amazing opportunity to get feedback on your portfolios by art directors Heri Irawan and Brian Main.
The opening day ends with the best entries to our international call for the PIXELvienna Animationfestival at 8 p.m., showing a selection curated by Niki Jantsch.
The second day of PIXELvienna 13, feature film character designer Thorsten Schrank will answer our questions, director and character designer Tobi Trebeljahr will give valuable insights into his workflows with Blender’s Grease Pencil, the founders of Polarfux share their passionate motion design and animation approaches, Peter Mindek will introduce molecular real-time scientific visualizations, Hector Moran shares his 2D to 3D workflow and Thomas Moor talks about his stunning digital paintings and illustrations.
Sunday, November 22nd, 2020, will be a recap of the previous conference days. Streaming highlights will be available one more day..
During the conference, there will be an online exhibition in cooperation with the University of Applied Arts Vienna titled “Corona and Climate Change” with distinct contributions at the PIXELvienna website.
PIXELvienna is the Austrian Conference on Computer Graphics, Animation and Games taking place every autumn in the beautiful city of Vienna. The event offers talks and workshops with international professionals from the divergent and broad field of computer graphics. Our goal is to connect people, give insights and showcase inspirational practitioners.
This year, we will not be able to hold our event on-site, this means the conference will take place online. Nevertheless, we will stream from this year’s partner location, the University of Applied Arts Vienna, and there will be possibilities to communicate live with the speakers and the PIXELvienna organizers. Being an international event, the official conference language is English.
Since 2006, PIXELvienna Society has featured well-known national and international professionals from the fields of computer graphics, computer games and computer film to present their work. In the past years, artists, producers, and directors from various backgrounds shared their passion and knowledge. In the past attendees could directly meet successful and well-renowned field specialists on-site such as Lindsey Crummett (WETA Workshop Hobbits), Fraser McLean (Disney veteran), Andreas Deja (Disney animator), Bruno Bozzetto (Legendary Italian animator), Simone Kesterton (Daedalic Entertainment), Harald Siepermann (Disney character designer and animator), Christian DeVita (Storyboard artist and director), David Burgess (Animation supervisor), Jakob Schuh (Academy Award nominee), Eric Goldberg (Legendary animator and director), Eric Towner (Robot Chicken), Colin Graham (AAA Game Art), David Luong (Cinematic video game artist), Ralf Habel (Multiple VFX Awards rendering at Pixar), Lee Stringer (VFX supervisor Star Trek), Christophe Hery (shading Pixar), Albert Hastings (CG supervisor VFX VR) and many more…
PIXELvienna is entirely organized and operated by a team of volunteers who work all year to make the conference an unforgettable experience for all attendees. From the community for the community!
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                                       Animation, and Games Conference
PIXELvienna 13 – Computer Graphics, Animation, and Games Conference