coronityRadio #26

live asmr session (Emiliya Kircheva + Danny Nedkova)

Abteilung Social Design - Arts as Urban Innovation

Tap into the mesmerizing realm of ASMR with us tonight!
You - a longtime fan or a newbie? Or you have no idea what we are talking about? Leave the prejudices and join us~

CoronityRadio is happy to host Emiliya Kircheva – an avid fan of sound (and ASMR) and a journalism student majoring in radio. She will be accompanied by Danny, her longtime friend (old as prehistoric, but undying like ferns).
We will warm up with a discussion on ASMR and give you a bit of background information.
Then in a LIVE demonstration Emi and Danny will introduce you to some of their favorite triggers.
After that (if you are still awake) we will wrap it up with a easygoing talk about both sides of ASMR – in front of the mic and at the end of the headphones.
All listeners are welcome to join with questions and opinions~

whispers: Don`t forget to 'bring' your headphones for the live ASMR.

Zoom Id: 455 161 7763 
PW: 123456 at 8pm

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