IoA Sliver Lecture Series: Positions - The Unfolding of Architectural Endeavors

7. Panel: Architecture and Beyond

With Martin Hablesreiter & Sonja Stummerer, Julia Körner, Johannes Mücke, Helga Schania and Cornelis Van Almsick.
Moderation: Maja Ozvaldic, Assistant at Studio Greg Lynn, Institute of Architecture at the University of Applied Arts Vienna

The Architecture and Beyond cluster gather positions on architecture by a group of graduates who operate outside or beyond architecture as the art of building.
“To think only about architecture results only in architecture.” – Wolf D. Prix

Unlike most other professions, an architectural education equips its graduates with a multidisciplinary set of skills, which transcend a strict tailoring towards being an architect. Consequently, architects are penetrating the boundaries and reach beyond to infiltrate other design or art disciplines. Those ones expand the notion and the Modus Operandi of architecture at large.

“Alles ist Architektur!”  – Hans Hollein

7. Panel „Architecture and Beyond"