Design Sensibility

Spun Carbon chair

by Bengtsson Design
One continuous tow is spun onto a computer controlled mold by a robot arm. This predesigned pattern process  is used for
rocket fuel tanks, space vehicles and aircraft components.

Honey Pop chair

by Tokujin Yoshioka
Created from a two dimensional build up of 120 pieces of glassine paper which are glued together and precisely cut. The structure is then opened forming a strong three dimensional honeycomb structure.

Ravioli chair

by Greg Lynn for Vitra Design

Björk Oceania

by LynnFox collective
From the centre of a soft flickening light a

pale form appears. As they come closer, light reveals tented forms pulsing gently. The jelly fish dance gracefully, billowinglike ballroom dresses that spin acrossa marble floor. Deep
black melts into orange as night becomes day.....

Imaginary Forces

Founded in 1996, ImaginaryForces (IF) is an entertainment and design agency based in Los Angeles and New York. Their award-winning work spans the diverse industries of feature film production and marketing, corporate branding, architecture, commercial advertising, and interactive media.

   Zvezdochka for Nike